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Transformation of low-voltage electrical appliance industry

2.1 Technology Transformation

2.1.1 Increase R&D

There is a huge gap in the manufacturing level between Chinese local enterprises and foreign enterprises. During the “Thirteenth Five-Year Plan” period, my country’s low-voltage electrical products will gradually pursue high quality, product reliability, and appearance from the past focusing on high output. Increase investment in research and development, including equipment, design, materials, processes, etc., to shorten the gap with foreign enterprises; encourage enterprises to carry out technological transformation at the same time, which is the main core of enterprise development; speed up special production equipment for low-voltage electrical appliances, testing equipment and The research and development speed of automatic online detection technology; increase the technical transformation of the low-voltage electrical industry, and promote technical exchanges with foreign counterparts.

2.1.2 Improve the industry standard system

my country’s electrical appliance enterprises should adopt unified standards as soon as possible, and always pay attention to the trend of international standards. From the beginning of product design, the research and development of new products must consider the selection of materials and the manufacturing process in line with international standards, so that my country’s low-voltage electrical products can truly develop into “green, environmentally friendly, low-carbon” electrical products. Improve the quality management of the whole system, from employees to link standards, to ensure the overall improvement of quality. The product production process carries out reliability control (vigorously promotes online testing devices), reliability factory inspection, etc., with special emphasis on the reliability of electronic devices and electromagnetic compatibility requirements [1][2].

2.2 Product Transformation

2.2.1 Adjustment of product structure

According to the trend of national policies, the structure of low-voltage electrical products needs to be further adjusted in the future. During the “Thirteenth Five-Year Plan” period, UHV, smart grid, Internet + power, global energy Internet, and Made in China 2025 will rapidly increase the demand in the mid-to-high-end market. The rapid development of new energy provides development opportunities for industrial extension. The product field of the low-voltage electrical industry can be expanded to photovoltaic power inverters, new energy control and protection systems, distributed power sources, energy storage equipment, DC switching electrical equipment and other fields. And can provide overall solutions. This field is a new important economic growth point for the low-voltage electrical appliance industry.

2.2.2 Product update

my country’s low-voltage electrical industry will further develop towards intelligence, modularization and communication, and the low-voltage power distribution and control system will gradually develop towards an intelligent network. At present, the new generation of products is still in the initial stage of disorder, and the main reasons are as follows: there is no consensus on the functions and standards of the products, the communication method is relatively simple, and the data transmission protocols between different products are incompatible; low-voltage circuit breakers, contactors , Residual current protectors and other products do not systematically provide operating conditions, operating data, parameter adjustment and other interfaces to power supply companies or low-voltage users, and it is difficult to achieve unified centralized monitoring; the product integrates microprocessors and A/D converters. , memory and other types of chips, users have doubts about their operational adaptability and reliability under relatively harsh environmental conditions such as temperature, humidity, and overvoltage, and maintenance convenience also needs to be improved.

2.2.3 Intelligence is the king of the future

The intelligence, networking, and digitization of low-voltage electrical appliances are the future development directions, but higher requirements are also placed on the system integration and overall solutions of low-voltage electrical appliances. The intelligentization of low-voltage electrical appliances requires the application of intelligent manufacturing technology and equipment, and the establishment of automatic production lines for key components, automatic testing lines for low-voltage electrical appliances, and automatic equipment lines for low-voltage electrical appliances. Intelligent universal circuit breakers, intelligent energy-saving AC contactors, intelligent high-breaking molded case circuit breakers, selective protection household circuit breakers, automatic transfer switches, integrated intelligent control and protection appliances for a new generation of high-performance power distribution systems , Doubly-fed wind power converter key technologies, SPD, smart grid end-user equipment and other technologies will receive strong support from the government and the market, so that my country’s low-voltage industry can be in line with international leading technologies as soon as possible [3].

2.3 Market Transformation

2.3.1 Industry structural adjustment

Large-scale enterprises with strong strength should try their best to develop into comprehensive group companies supporting electric power. Enterprises with good strength and good conditions should develop and improve their main products, enrich models and specifications, and become specialized enterprises of low-voltage electrical appliances with relatively complete varieties. Small and medium-sized enterprises with certain production expertise can develop into specialized production enterprises of low-voltage electrical appliances or specialized production enterprises of power accessories and supporting equipment with more targeted varieties. Most SMEs should consider structural adjustment and asset reorganization.

2.3.2 Policy tilt

The state will improve the policy and legal system, expand the financing channels and credit guarantee system for enterprises, increase fiscal and financial support, and appropriately relax taxes on enterprises. Advocate relevant systems for government units to purchase and support high-quality enterprises. Strengthen the protection of enterprises, so as to speed up the technological progress of enterprises, adjust the structure and support such enterprises to open up the market.

2.3.3 “Internet +” strategy

According to the context advocated by Premier Li, let many low-voltage electrical companies learn the BAT business model and become low-voltage electrical suppliers. Since it is possible to produce enterprises like Chint and Delixi on the basis of family workshops in Yueqing, Wenzhou, there will inevitably be a series of enterprises that come out with the help of hardware + software + service + e-commerce model and strategy.

2.3.4 Design-Brand-Value

In the increasingly competitive low-voltage electrical industry, the evolution path of “enhancing the brand with design and getting rid of the low-end with design” is becoming more and more intense. And some forward-looking companies have bravely taken solid steps to comprehensively enhance the competitiveness of their brands and products through cooperation with well-known design companies. At present, the structural design of low-voltage electrical appliances is widely used in modularization, combination, modularization and generalization of components. The universalization of parts with different ratings or different types of electrical appliances will greatly reduce the cost of product development and production for manufacturers; it is also convenient for users to maintain and reduce the inventory of parts.

2.3.5 Strengthen exports and create a dumbbell-shaped development model

The development of mid-to-high-end brands and overseas business, establishing a firm foothold in the overseas market and making breakthroughs, forming a dumbbell-shaped development state, must be an important means for future industry growth. With the globalization of the market, the mutual penetration of multinational companies and domestic enterprises has become an inevitable trend in the development of the low-voltage electrical industry. This penetration includes not only the penetration of high-end products of domestic enterprises into foreign markets, but also the penetration of products of multinational companies into domestic mid- and low-end markets. The state and local governments should actively encourage enterprises and industrial clusters to extend the industrial value chain, support low-voltage electrical enterprises to develop in the direction of “specialization, refinement, and specialization”, and form a number of industrial chains with their own characteristics and highlights, thereby driving industrial upgrading.

Post time: Apr-01-2022