Low-Voltage Switchgear, Withdrawable Type
GCS Low-Voltage Switchgear, Withdrawable Type
GCS Low-Voltage Switchgear, Withdrawable Type
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  1. Rating: Rated voltage 400V, 690V, rated current reach to 4000A.

  2. Application: mainly applicable in place with high automaticity and need to communicate with computer, like large power station and petrochemistry system, as the low voltage distribution device of the distribution and motor controlling, and reactive power compensation in power system.

  3. Level of protection IP30, IP40

  4. Standard: IEC60439-1


Working Conditions

  1. Ambient air temperature: -15℃~+40℃ Daily average temperature: ≤35℃ When the actual temperature exceed the range, it should be used by reducing the capacity accordingly.

  2. Altitude: ≤2000m

  3. Relative humidity: ≤50%, when temperature is +40℃ When temperature is low, larger relative humidity is allowed. when it is +20℃, relative humidity can be 90%. Since the temperature change will make out condensation.

  4. Installation inclination: ≤5%

  5. Applicable in the places without corrosive and flammable gas.

Note: Customized products are available.

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