Low-Voltage Switchgear, Withdrawable Type
GGD Low-Voltage Switchgear, Withdrawable Type
GGD Low-Voltage Switchgear, Withdrawable Type
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  1. Rating: Rated voltage: 380V.

  2. Rated current: 3150A, 50-60Hz

  3. Application: mainly applicable in power station, power substation industrial and mining enterprises as energy converter, distributor and controller of power, light and distribution device.

  4. Standard: IEC60439-1


Working Conditions

  1. Ambient air temperature: -15℃~+40℃ Daily average temperature: ≤35℃ When the actual temperature exceed the range, it should be used by reducing the capacity accordingly.

  2. Transport and store temperature: -25℃~+55℃. do not exceed +70℃ in short time.

  3. Altitude: ≤2000m

  4. Relative humidity: ≤50%, when temperature is +40℃ When temperature is low, larger relative humidity is allowed. when it is +20℃, relative humidity can be 90%. Since the temperature change will make out condensation.

  5. Installation inclination: ≤5%

  6. Applicable in the places without corrosive and flammable gas.

Note: Customized products are available.

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