Reactive Power Auto-compensation Controller
JKL Reactive Power Auto-compensation Controller
JKL Reactive Power Auto-compensation Controller
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  This series of controllers adopt the high-performance single-chip microcomputer as the basic hardware, fully utilize high-speed operated strength and logic judgment of the computer to make themselves really be accomplished intelligent, digitally. It is the first-selected products for capacitance screen manufacture due to its advanced technology and perfect function, strong antil-nterference ability, reliable and stead uy branch exact compensation and aesthetic in lock.


  1. Adopt AC sampling technology.

  2. Digital integration, filtration.

  3. Adopting the control technology of the single-chip microcomputer, has realized the intellectualized of electric network reactive auto matic compensation.

  4. Strong anti-interference ability can resist 2000V interference pulse from power direct, and not crashing, does not lose the data, it is reliable to run steady.

  5. Digital display electric network power factors, over-voltage values, current etc. Various kinds of control parameter.

  6. With self-checking functions, it needn offer current mutual inductors ratio to compensate capacitor capacity, is suitable for different parameter automatically.

  7. Sampling signal phase sequence is distinguished and changed automatically.

  8. With two working mode of manual and automatic, convenient for user to install and debug.

  9. With over-voltage judgment display function that can cut off the group of the capacitor quickly.

  10. Concise man-machine dialogue, operating, debugging, simplicity direct-view.

  11. The input resistance of current sampling signal is smaller than 0.05Ω, it can be taken out from measuring loops directly.

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