Thermal Shrinkable Bushing
Flame-retardant Thermal Shrinkable Bushing
Flame-retardant Thermal Shrinkable Bushing
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Flame-retardant thermal shrinkab le bushing boasts good flame retardation, insulation, softness, low temperature and fast shrinking. It is widely used in wire connection, welding protection, wire marking, the insulation protection of resistance and capacitor, the corrosion protection of metal bar or tubes, and the antenna protection.
Principle of thermal shrinkage: under the high energy radia tion, the li near polymer can form network cross-linked structure. The mechanical strength, temperature, chemical solution and ageing resistance of cross-linked polymer are greatly improved, especially the acid and alkali resistance.
Safety Standard: UL224 VW-1 C-UL CSA C22-.2 OFT.
Color: Black, red, blue, white, yellow, green and transparent. And other colors are subject to the clients' needs.
Shrinking ratio: 2:1. Rated voltage: 600V.

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