Thermal Shrinkable Bushing
Double-wall Thermal Shrinkable Bushing
Double-wall Thermal Shrinkable Bushing
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  1. This series is a semi-conducting thermal shrinkable bushing coated with a layer of thermosol inside. Its external layer consists of radiation cross-linked polythene, and its internal layer is the specially designed adhesive internal wall. When it is heated, the internal thermosol will shrink to the external wall and fill the clearance. When it is cooled, the thickness of double walls is very even and solid. It is widely used for the water-tightness and air-tightness of wiring for electronic equipments, the sealing of wiring branch, rust protection of metal wires, and the remedy of wires and cables. It can prevent the polymer chains from loosening and falling, such as pool lamp, auto pipeline, and advanced lines.

  2. Features:
    Application: -55℃~125℃;
    Initial shrinking tem perature: 70℃;
    Full shrinking temperature: 125℃;
    Melting temperature of internal adhesive layer: 70℃~80℃
    Shrinking ratio: 3:1
    Seal, water-proof, strong flexibility, convenient use, able to shrink when heated with oven or hot air gun; timely supply and delivery; and large production.
    Color standard: Black (Other colors are upon the clients' needs).

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