Yellow & Green
Thermal Shrinkable Bushing
Yellow & Green Thermal Shrinkable Bushing
Yellow & Green Thermal Shrinkable Bushing
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  1. Yellow & green shrinkable bushing is processed and manufactured wi th excellent green and yellow polyolefin materials. When the products are shaped, they are cross linked and expan ded continuously with electronic accelerator. The products are characterized by softness, flame retardation, fast shrinkage, bright and durable color, and stable performance. They are widely used in the marking of electric wires, earthing of cables, special lines and pipelines.

  2. Features: Application: -55℃~125℃;Initial shrinking temperature: 70℃;
    Full shrinking temperature: 125℃.
    Softness, flame retardation, bright and durable color, timely delivery and large supply, convenient use, able to shrink when heated with oven or hot air gun.
    Standard Color: yellow-green .


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