Normal mine high-voltage vacuum switchgear
KYGC28-10(G) Normal mine high-voltage vacuum switchgear
KYGC28-10(G) Normal mine high-voltage vacuum switchgear
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KYGC28 handcart high-voltage vacuum switchgear is used as the switch device for thepower distribution, starting. control. commutation, double-current switching and so on ofsuch equipment as high-voltage fan and water pump, applicable for the 3-phase AC highvoltagepower supply system with 12KV or 17.2kV rated voltage and 50Hz rated frequency.Multiple solutions of fan switchingThe switching can be realized by 3-position high-voltage iso-lated switch with corotation.isolation and reverse; or by two sets fo 5-pole vacuum contactors; or by changing the plug of the handcart. The structure can also be used as the switch cabinet of double-power supply switching, like double-power supply high-voltage switch cabinet for winch. Multiple modes for starting motor Such starting modes as direct starting. reactor voltage reduction starting, frequency sensitive rheostat starting and one driving X soft starting can be adopted in accordancewith the max. allowable stating current of the system, load nature and engine type.  Advanced and complete protective functions KYGC28 switch cabinet can be provided with protection of short circuit. over-current, leakage undervoltage and over-voltage in accordance with different applications. The protector adopts the traditional electro-mechanical relay, static multi-functional electronic relay or microcomputer integrated automatic protector with remote control, measurement and communication for no-guard substation.

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