Automatic Transfer Switch
YCQ2 Automatic Transfer Switch
YCQ2 Automatic Transfer Switch
YCQ2 Automatic Transfer Switch
YCQ2 Automatic Transfer Switch
YCQ2 Automatic Transfer Switch
YCQ2 Automatic Transfer Switch
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General lntroduction

YCQZ series automatic transfer switch is the best development of the company generation products. Mostly used to monitor the power supply circuits. When main power failured, it will change over to backup power by automatically, thus completing the transformation of power system . At present, in particular suited for the important electricity power places where disallow to failure, in order to meet the needs of the scene. Automatic switch has self-input and self-recover,self-input without self recover, utility to utility, utility generators work with variety functions, the product applied in 220V,AC 50Hz,rated current from 10A to 1250A (CB class) automatically switch products. 


Structure and Features 

YCQ2 Series intelligent dual power automatic switches is made up of two units in 3 pole and 4 pole of MCCB and (auxiliary contacl, alarm contact),the mechanical interlocking transmission, intelligent controiler and other components. It has the integral style and split type with two kinds mechanism. Integral controller is equipped with a base and executing agencies ; Split type is intelligent controiler install ed in the panem User take the base by implementing agencies to install into the cabinet controller with about 2m cables.

1. Reliable me chanical interlock between the two circuit breakers and electrical interlock device. Eeliminate the two devices closing completely at the same time. 

2. SCM intelligent controller used to control the core hardware is simple and powerful, expansion of convenience, high reliability. 

3. It has a short circuit, over load protection functions, over voltage, undervoltage, loss phase automatic transferfunction and intelligent alarm function. 

4. Automatic switching external parameters can be set free.

5. Operation of Intelligent motor protection 

6. The control circuit devices with fire, fire control center to a control signal into intelligent controller. Two sets circuit breaker wil l enter a stating of breaking . 

7. There is a computer network interface for achieving remote control four remote telemetry functions

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