ZN85-40.5 Type
Indoor High Voltage Vacuum Circuit Breaker
ZN85-40.5 Type Indoor High Voltage Vacuum Circuit Breaker
ZN85-40.5 Type Indoor High Voltage Vacuum Circuit Breaker
ZN85-40.5 Type Indoor High Voltage Vacuum Circuit Breaker
ZN85-40.5 Type Indoor High Voltage Vacuum Circuit Breaker
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Main application

ZN85-40.5/T2000-31.5 type indoor high voltage vacuum circuit breaker (hereinafter referred to as circuit breaker), suitable for three-phase AC 50Hz, rated voltage 40.5kV power system, can be used for industrial and mining enterprises, power plant and substation as opening and closing load current, overload current, fault current use. Circuit breaker and operating mechanism adapt the upper and lower arrangement of institutions, effectively reducing the circuit breaker depth. Three-phase arc extinguishing chamber and associative charged body is isolated by three independent epoxy resin insulating cylinder, composite insulating structure, circuit breaker meet under normal operating conditions the air distance and the creepage distance requirements, and effectively reduces the volume of circuit breaker. The main galvanic circle vacuum interrupter and dynamic and static conductive connection installed in the insulating cylinder, the phase spacing is only 300mm. Connect of the main circuit electric all adopt the fixed connection, has the very high reliability. Insulating cylinder is arranged on the upper side of the circuit breaker frame. The overall layout is reasonable, beautiful appearance, simple. It has the characters of small volume, flexible operation, with reliable electrical performance, long service life, convenient maintenance, maintenance free. The circuit breaker is suitable for frequent operation and various occasions and operating conditions are harsh place.

Main features

  1. Adopt the lead screw propulsion mechanism, labor saving, stable, good selflocking performance.

  2. Small volume, flexible operation, with characters of reliable electrical performance, long service life, easy maintenance, low maintenance.


  1. The installation form of ZN85 vacuum circuit breaker in switch cabinet can be fixed, can also be drawout style, has good interchangeability.

  2. This series handcart type circuit breaker is mainly used for 1400mmKYN61 ground cabinet, fixed type circuit breaker is used for XGN-40.5, GG1A-40.5 and box type substation etc..


  1. Vacuum circuit breaker ZN85 using the integral type 3AV3 spring operating mechanism, mechanism is relatively mature, stable and reliable.

  2. Mechanism design is simple, the output curve and the performance is more suitable for the characteristics and requirements of 40.5kV vacuum circuit breaker.


Technical Parameters


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