Switch Disconnector
YCH6Z-125 Switch Disconnector
YCH6Z-125 Switch Disconnector
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YCH6Z-125 series isolating switch is suitable in the resistive circuit of AC 50/60HZ, rated voltage 230/400V, rated current up to 125A. It's used primarily for circuit's turning on or off in non-load ed situation. And it functions on connection and isolation between lines and power, especially suitable to isolate power effectively and prevent circuit breaker from closing accidentally when maintain the circuit in order to ensure the safe operation of maintainer.
Product standard: IEC600947-3

Normal Operating Conditions

1.Ambient Temperature: -25℃~+60℃
2.Altitude: Not higher than 2000m
3.Use Category: AC-22A
4.Installation Method: Embedded vertical standard rail mounting
5.Wiring Method: Clamp connection wire with screw, tightening torque 2.5N.m



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