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YCP5 Magnetic Starter
YCP5 Magnetic Starter
YCP5 Magnetic Starter
YCP5 Magnetic Starter
YCP5 Magnetic Starter
YCP5 Magnetic Starter
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YCPS series AC Motor Starter is suitable for circuits the alternating voltage up to 690V, current up to 80A. The product works to control the overload, phase loss, shortcircuit protection and infrequent starts of a three-phase squirrel cage asynchronous motor. The Motor Starter can protect the distributing line for infrequent loadtransfer, and it can also works as an isolator.

Operation and installation condition

  1. Installation altitude2000m

  2. Ambient airtemperature -5°C~+40℃ average temperature of 24 hours mustbelow +35℃

  3. Relative humidity below 90% when the temperature is +25℃±5℃

  4. Ambient pollution level: 3

  5. Installation category of the starter: III

  6. T he installation degree of the tilt and vertical plane shouId not exceed ±5℃

  7. Rated working system: continuous duty; intermittent duty

Main Technical parameters

  1. Rated isolation voltage Ui(V): 690

  2. Rated working voltage Ue(V): 230/240、400/415、440、500、690

  3. Rated frequency(Hz): 50

  4. Frame size rated current: lnm(A): 25-80.

  5. Rated current of tripping ln(A): (Table 1 ).

  6. Rated current adjust range: (Table 1 ).

  7. Rated ultimate short circuit breaking capacity: lcu(kA): (Table 1 ).

  8. Rated operating short circuit breaking capacity: lcs(kA): (Table 1 ).

  9. Rated impulse withstand voltage: Uimp(V): 6000.

Technical Parameters


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