Current Transformer
LZZBJ10-10Q Current Transformer
LZZBJ10-10Q Current Transformer
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LZZBJ10-10Q series is all work-condition post type current transformer with epoxy casting whole sealing insulation, used for measurement of current and electric energy as well as relay protection in the AC circuit of rated frequency 50Hz and rated voltage 10kV

Type Designation


Technical Parameter

  1. The performance of products is conformed to IEC standard and GB1208-2006

  2. Current Transformer.

  3. Rated insulation level: 12/42/75kV

  4. Rated frequency: 50Hz

  5. Rated secondary current: 5A, 1A

  6. Partial discharge level: In conformity to GB5583-85 standard, its partial discharge is not more than 20PC.

Main Technical Data

Main Technical Data


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