control Transformer
BK control Transformer
BK control Transformer
BK control Transformer
BK control Transformer
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Sphere of application

BK series control transformer for 50~60Hz, voltage to 500V circuits, is used as thecontrol power supply in machine tools, mechanical equipment, locaI lighting andpower indicator light.


Working condition

  1. The ambient air temperature of 5℃to +40℃, 24 hour average does not excead+35℃;

  2. Installation site altitude does not exceed 2000m;

  3. The atmospheric relative humidity in the ambient air temperature is +40℃lessthan 50%, at a lower temperature cam have a higher relative humidity, the wetmonths,the average maximum humidity of 90%, while the monthly averageminimum monthly temperature to +25℃,and taking into account changes intemperature occurrde inthe surface of the Gel.


BK series control transformer adopts the advantage of similar products at home andabroad for many years to use advanced manufacturing techniques and rigorousdesign, and advanced optimization methods terminals. with excellent performance,reliable operation, low powerconsumption. small size, wiring security, protectionlevel high, wide applicability and soon. BK series is an ideal transformer powersupply that can long term work in rated load.

Technical Parameters

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