Mine Explosion-proof Dry Type Transformer
KBSG-□/10(6) Mine Explosion-proof Dry Type Transformer
KBSG-□/10(6) Mine Explosion-proof Dry Type Transformer
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1. Function

This series mine explosion-proof type transformer is applicable in underground coal minesof three-phase indirect neutral-point earthing with explosive and dangerous gas(methane)and coal dust, and it is used to change the power supply of 10kV, 6kV into low-voltagepower supply of 3450(3300)V, 1200(1140)V, 693(1660)V, 400(1380)V, which are required inthe coal mine. When the dry type transformer is used alone as mining explosion-proof drytype transformer , it can cut off lead-in wire of high-voltage power supply by pressingemergency button in emergent situation.


3. Character

  1. It realizes protection by cutting off high voltage side switch when fault like short, loss ofphase, over temperature in transformer of mobile substation or fault like overload,short circuit, electric leakage, leakafe lockout, over voltage , under voltage etc in powerdistribution system happens.

  2. Standard RS485/232 communication interface for high-low voltage switch.

  3. Users can select high voltage load switch and low voltage vacuum feeder switch andequip them on high or low voltage side of the transformer.

Technical Parameters


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