High Voltage Earthing Switch
JN22B-40.5/31.5 High Voltage Earthing Switch
JN22B-40.5/31.5 High Voltage Earthing Switch
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JN22B-40.5/31.5 series indoor HV earthing switch is researched and developed by our company based on original JN15 type, supporting with electric power system 40.5KV, AC 50Hz, match KYN□-40.5 and other various kinds of HV switchgear and as earthing protection. It is manufactured comply with GB1985-2004 and IEC129 standard.

Working Condition

  1. Ambient temperature:-10~+40℃

  2. Altitude: ≤1000m

  3. Relative humidity: Day average relative humidity ≤95%

                                               Month average relative humidity ≤90%

  4. Earthquake intensity: ≤8degree

  5. Appliable in the place without corrosive, flammable gas and water place

  6. With no frequently intense vibrant place around.

Technical Parameters

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