Voltage Transformer
JDX-10 Voltage Transformer
JDX-10 Voltage Transformer
JDX-10 Voltage Transformer
JDX-10 Voltage Transformer
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This voltage transformer is single phase, oil-immersed product for indoors. It has many merits, such as big capability, high precision, etc. There are three secondary windings, they are used as measurement, monitoring, zero-sequence protection. The measuring and monitoring windings are separated. Fully exert their functions. Not intefere each other.



The voltage transformer is single phase and oil immersed structure. The iron core is piled up of the silicon steel sheet. The body is fixuped bellow the core clip. The winding is reeled with concentric type. There are different insulted levels of two high voltage ends. The terminal of "A", high voltage insulation, is led out from porcelain bushing. The terminal of "N", beding earthed, is led out from small porcelain sheath.

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