Indoor Type Voltage Transformer
JSJW-3,6,10 Indoor Type Voltage Transformer
JSJW-3,6,10 Indoor Type Voltage Transformer
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This type of voltage mutual inductors is three-phase three-winding oil-immersed Product with five iron-core poles, it is suitable for power system with AC 50Hz and rated voltage 10kV or below to mesure voltage, electric energy and protect relay.


The iron-core of this voltage transformer employs side-iron structure, made of stripe silicon steel plate. Every phase has three windings: residual voltage winding, secondary winding and primary winding. The wiring diagram, please refer to Diagram 3-1-22. The residual voltage winding is wound onto an insulated paper sleeve and wrapped with insulated paper board, the secondary winding is wound onto the paperboard, then wound the primary winding onto the square ring outside of the secondary winding. The outer of the primary winding has electrostatic shield respectively and wrapped with paperboard and cloth. The three phases of A,B and C totally have three winding, wound onto three iron poles of the iron-core. The transformer is fixed on the cover of tank by clamp, the cover of tank has highand low-voltage output porcelain sheathes, nameplate, hanger and oil-feed plug with inhale hole. The circular barrel shaped oil tank is welded with steel plate and has a hanger on the upper wall of the tank for lifting up the transformer, the lower wall of the tank has grounding bolt and oil-discharge plug. The octagonal bottom of tank is made of steel plate and has four installment holes.

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