Semi-enclosure Three Phase Voltage Transformer
JSZW3-3、6、10A、B Semi-enclosure Three Phase Voltage Transformer
JSZW3-3、6、10A、B Semi-enclosure Three Phase Voltage Transformer
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JSZW3-10A, B type voltage transformer is semi-enclosure casting with epoxy resin, which mainly used for measuring voltage or electric energy and protect relay in power system with frequency 50 HZ and rated voltage 10KV and the neural point is not effectively grounded. The product has two different types according to insulation method: type A and type B.



This model voltage transformer is semi-casting type, with small size and good climate adaptability. The iron-core of the transformer applies core type side-iron structure, and made of high-quality silicon steel plate by cold rolling and exposing in the air, the primary winding, secondary winding and residual voltage winding wound onto the iron-core concentrically and cast with epoxy resin, the three phases cast and fixed together, the primary winding and terminal A is fully insulated and terminal N is not fully insulated. The wiring please refers to Diagram 1. It has two types: type A and type B according to insulation, type A is installed on the side and the insulation hole is on the iron-core clamp, type B has a base for installation.

Technical Parameter

  1. Standard: GB1207-2006 voltage transformer

  2. Technical parameter form

  3. The creepage of product surface comply with Grade II of pollution.

  4. Other technical parameter please refers to table below:

technical parameter

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