Voltage Transformer
JDZC-6,10 Voltage Transformer
JDZC-6,10 Voltage Transformer
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JDZC-6,10 type voltage transformer is the indoor device of epoxy resin cast insulation, applied to electric measurement and electric protection in the electric system of rated frequency 50Hz and rated voltage 10kV.


This transformer is the type of full insulation, its primary winding two terminals that are checked according to full insulation level, distributd on both sides of casting body top. It is mainly made up of three part; iron core, secondary winding and primary winding which are all encapsulated in the epoxy resin casting body, featured with stable electric performance and perfect damp proof property.

Type Designation


Operating Conditions

  1. Equipment category: Indoor

  2. Environmental temperature: Max temperature +40℃, Min temperature -5℃

  3. There shall not be stains and corrosive or explosive mediums that seriously affect the insulation of transformer in the air.

Technical Parameter



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