SG(B)10 Series of
Non-encapsulated Coil Three-phase Dry Type Power Transformer
SG(B)10 Series of Non-encapsulated Coil Three-phase Dry Type Power Transformer
SG(B)10 Series of Non-encapsulated Coil Three-phase Dry Type Power Transformer
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The non-encapsulated coil three-phase dry type power transformer that adopt UL certificated NOMEX insulation system, with advantages of safe, reliable, energy saving, fireproof, explosion resistant, simple maintaining and so on. It has superior design, reasonable structure, elegant appearance, and its main performance index is superior to domestic standard, such as local discharge level, no-load loss, load loss, noise and capability of operating in serious humid environment, it can be installed in humid environment like places near lake, sea or river, also suitable for areas that require high fireproof capability and high load, such as high-rise, airport, station,dock, underground railway, hospital, electric power plant, metallurgy industry, shopping center, residential area, petrochemical industry, nuclear power station, nuclear submarine, etc.

Product characteristics

The elaborate designed coil structure and vacuum immersed treatment enable SG(B)10 transformer operates without local discharging, and no crack performance will be find during the whole service life, and its insulation level will be kept as good as beginning. The high voltage part adopts continuous wire winding, LV foil winding, vacuum immersed, curing processed and high strength ceramics supporting, with fine withstand capability to paroxysmal short-circuit current. Flame resisting, flameproof, nontoxic, self-extinguishing, fireproof. When burn SG(B)10 transformer in high temperature and open fire, almost no fume will by produced. Insulation of the transformer is H grade (180℃). The insulation layer is very thin, with strong short-time over load capability, needless of forced cooling, can be overloaded for 120% for long term and 140% for 3 hours. As this kind of insulation material has elasticity and will not be aged,it can be full loaded at once under ±50℃.

Operating conditions

  1. Ambient temperature: -50℃~+50℃

  2. Altitude: ≤1000m

  3. Other requirements that are beyond the stipulation range of this technical manual, please negotiate with our technical department and indicate out when placing an order.


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