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Uzbekistan and Moldova CNC Electric exclusive distributor


Vietnam and Ethiopia CNC Electric exclusive distributor


Ukraine and Tanzania CNC Electric exclusive distributor


Algeria CNC Electric exclusive distributor


Uganda CNC Electric exclusive distributor


The first CNC Electric exclusive distributor in Ecuador


CNC ShanghaiJinshan Industrial Zone was completed as manufacture plant for transformer and switchgear.


Apr. 17 CNC Group held its second session of Congress of Staff and Workers and its fourth session of Congress of Labour Union.


Nov. 02 CNC Group and China Guangdong Nuclear Power Group signed a strategic cooperation argument.

Jul.30 CNC Group was reelected "Top 500 China National Machinery Company" with the high mark to 94.5002, ranked 25th.

Mar. 05 CNC Group was elected as outstanding contribution unit of 2008 in "Strengthen Wenzhou with Qulity and Popularity of Self-owned Brand."

Feb. 20 CNC Group was awarded "Top 10 Enterprises of Yandang Cup."


Dec. 30 CNC Group was identified with high scores as "Famous Export Brand of Zhejing Province" by Zhejiang Foreign Trade and Commercial Cooperation Hall.

December CNC Group was selected as "Wenzhou Top 30 Brand during 30 years of Reform and Opening Up" which was organized by Wenzhou Industrial and Commercial Bureau and Wenzhou Brand Association.

December CNC Group was awarded as "Provincial AAA Grade Enterprises with Credit in Honoring the Contracts".

Nvo. 24 to 26 CNC Group directly passed the provincial quality examine on the spot.

Nov. 22 CNC Group successfully passed supervision and examination of the three in one management system.

Nov. 01 the winner of Nobel Economic Prize of 2004----Professor Edward Prescott and his wife was interested in the economic development model of Wenzhou and came to CNC Group, which is a typical one.

Sep.0 9 Changcheng Explosion-proof Company has been selected as the National Coal Industry Machinery Electrical Products Designed Manufatory Enterprises of 2008 to 2009.

Sep.0 3 CNC Group was elected as the vice president of CCCME on low-voltage electrical branch unit.

May 15 Changcheng High-tech Co., Ltd. and Zhejiang University successfully developed a new generation of YC100 transducer.

Mar. 11 CNC Group was named "Enterprises Informatization Pilot Demonstration Unit of Wenzhou."

Feb. 26 CNC Group was elected the first "Dynamic and Harmonious Enterprise of Yueqing."

Jan.05 CNC Group self-developed YC100 Universal Frequency Converter, SBH15 Amorphous Alloy Sealed Distribution Transformer, KYN28C-12 Metal-armored Draw-out Switchgear and so forth products. These six new products passed the provincial appraisal.


Sep. 20 Changcheng Electrical Equipment Group Co., Ltd. is on the list of "Top 500 of China Big Competitive Enterprises in 2006"published by National Bureau of Statistics.

Aug. 06 CNC Group is one of the 10 enterprises of Yueqing on the Sep. 1, 2007: CNC Group came to Top 400 among the Top 500 of China Enterprises in 2007 published by China Enterprise Confederation and China Entrepreneur Association.top 500 private enterprises in China, published by National Association of Industry and Commerce of 2006.



Chairman of Board Mr.Ye Xiangyao was appraised as "2006 Top 10 Economic Star' General Director Mr.Ye Xiangtao was appraised as "Top 10 Entrepreneur" Chairman of Board Mr.Ye Xiangyao attending in APEC summit forum.

Provincial technology center was set up Nov 20th, 2006 ChangCheng's CNC brand ACB, MCB,KWH METER, AC CONTACTOR were appraised as WenZhou Top Brand products by WenZhou City Government.

Nov 28 ChangCheng's MCB,MCCB and ACE were appraised as National Products Exempt From Inspection by General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of people's Republic of China Dec 11th, 2006 ChangCheng's MCCB and ACE were appraised as ZheJiang provincial Top Brand Strategy Promotion Committee.


March 3 invited by General Office of National Committee of Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, General Director Mr.Ye Xiangtao attended the 3rd Plenary Session of the 10th Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference of the People's Republic of China and discuss the national affairs with all of the commissioners.

March 28 invited by UNDP, General Director Mr.Ye Xiangtao visited Pakistan, Ghana, Nigeria and Cameroon to actualize global strategy and seeking for international developmentMay 13th, General Director Mr.Ye Xiangtao was invited to attended the "Spring of Diplomats----China-foregin economic and trading cooperation forum", more than 120 countries diplomats and 350 China former diplomats and enterpreneurs attended this forum.

May 17 2005 General Director Mr.Ye Xiangtao was invited as delegate of China Top 500 Enterprise to attended the Global Fortune Forum and discuss "China and New Asia Century" with global top fortune leader.

June 11 2005 Board chairman Mr. Ye Xiangtao attended the 38th PBEC International General Meeting. More than 500 entrepreneur of Pacific region and some international political leader attended this meeting October, ChangCheng was appraised as AAA Class credit company by ZheJiang Provincial Administration Bureau of Industry and Commerce.

Oct 12 General Director Mr. Ye Xiangtao was invited to watch launch of "SHENZHOU SIX" airship.

Dec 16 Chairman of Board Mr. Ye Xiangyao attended APEC summit conference together with President Hu Jintao in Busan,Korea.

Nov 30 ChangCheng Group get approval of provincial measuring and testing system spot confirmation.

Dec 4 in the Celebration of 2005 China Top 100 Growing Enterprise hold in The Great Hall of People, ChangCheng win the Best Society Contribute Award December, ChangCheng was appraised as First Class Network Supplier of China petroleum and Chemical Corporation, before this moment, ChangCheng was appraised as First Class Network Supplier of China Petroleum Corporation and equipment supplier of large scale and high class user such as Qinshan Nuclear Power Company, China Three Gorges Project Corporationand China Aerospace Engineering Jiuquan Launch Base.

December ChangCheng's CNC trademark was appraised as China well-known Trademark,this is the 4th one in China industrial electrical field and 10th one in WenZhou City.


In May 2004 Changcheng Group set up Zhongchi Consortium Investment Co., Ltd. with seven firms and Ye Xiangyao has been appointed as chairman of the consortium. The consortium is the first in China that proved the pioneer spirit of the Wenzhou People again.



January "Qingtian" trademark was appraised as ZheJiang Provincial Famous Trademark.

March Changcheng was appraised as one of the First Designated Credit Demonstration Enterprise by ZheJiang provincial nine departments.

2003 ChangCheng ranked list in the "China Top 500 Enterpries", and was appraised as one of the "Top 100 light industrial enterprise" by WenZhou City goverment.

Sep 18 2003 ChangCheng got approval of quality, environment, occupation health and safety management system, all of the main products got CCC certificate.

Nov 15 2003 ChangCheng was appraised as "China Top 100 Growing Enterprise".

Dec 09 2003 ChangCheng was appraised as "National Famous and excellent Products Good After Sales Service Company"

Dec 18 ChangCheng high-tech industrial zone was completed with investment of RMB 180,000,000 and acreage of more than 120,000 square meters, this is a new milestone to actualize the strategy of large scale production.


In 2002 some products of Changcheng Electric Group went into the China Petrochemical, China National Petroleum, Qinshan Nuclear Power, the Three Gorges water conservancy, Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center, which are the world's top 500 enterprises and national key construction projects by advanced technology and excellent quality.


In 2001 Changcheng Group launched a property rights system and the reform of management system in 2001 and began a multivariate run, covering mining, energy, real estate, information, logistics, and so on. In May 2001, Changcheng Group has been hired a professional manager as president to implement the responsibility system of president. And Changcheng Group has also established a standardized parent-subsidiary corporate structure and nine professional subsidiary, fully mobilized the enthusiasm of subsidiaries. The same year, the Group invested 250 million RMB to build Changcheng High-Tech Park. The park will double enterprise size and value, and achieve adjustment of product structure and industrial structure of Changcheng Group after the completion.


In 2000 Changcheng Group established the first corporation limited named "High-Tech" in the whole province " Zhejiang Changcheng High-Tech Co., Ltd. " And with cooperation with Tsinghua University, they developed" the technology of frequency conversion controlling." Successfully. Because of its level of the world's leading technology, DC inverter air conditioning controller get 100 million in unpaid support by National Science Technology Innovation Fund. At the same time, they also have been developed and put into high-tech production, "the central frequency of small fuzzy controller", "Intelligent fuzzy controller box stride" and so on other.


In 1999 Changcheng Group cooperated with the German Siemens Group to develope a series new products of medium-voltage and high-voltage with excellent quality. Later DT8 the functions of reactive power compensation device was developed. This product could be long-distance transmission, controlling and switching, so it played an important role in management of electrical automation of the country. At the same time, the electrical products of Changcheng Group enterd the Siemens sales network.


In 1998 ChangCheng became one of the Top 100 high efficiency enterprise in electrical field ChangCheng was appraised as ZheJiang Provincial Important Enterprise.


In 1997 Changcheng became a national non-regional group, and then passed the ISO9000 quality system demonstration.The brand reputation of Changcheng Group was growing fast, products further trended seriation. Changcheng Group had rapid increase in market share and significantly enhance the business advantage. In the same year, the Group headquarters was moved into Changcheng mansion which is one of the symbolized building in Liushi, and set up a Group of research institutes to become the cradle of personnel training and reserve advanced personnel for the 21st century. At the same time, research institutes developed new products, increased technological content of products and accelerated updating.


In 1996 ChangCheng was appraised as "National Large Scale Enterprise Group" August 1996, ChangCheng industrial zone was established with investment of RMB 30,000,000.


In June 1995 Ye Xiangyao established Zhejiang Changcheng Electrical Group through combining the same trade of strength and fame in Liushi by macroscopy restructuring. After restructuring, Changcheng Group owned more than 10 series and more than 1,000 varieties and set up more than 300 subsidiary sales companies and sales branch Changcheng Group greatly expanded the sales channels and the scale benifit growed increasely.


In 1993 Changcheng Group issued a series of personnel incentives and speeded up the internal training and external introduction. He cooperated with the well-known colleges and research institutes to introduce talent and high technology.



In May 1988 he formed a joint-stock factory named Yueqing Changcheng Electrical Components Factory. Through a joint capital and personnel, the enterprise enlarged scale, strengthed capital and technology. The kind of product raised from 3 to 10, the product sales had a significant increase, and the value of output growed from 20,000 to 2,000,000. It dveloped from a family workshop to a medium enterprise in Wenzhou.


In 1978 After the Third Plenary Session of the 11th Central Committee in 1978, with the start of economic reforms in rural areas, Ye Xiangyao began planning to meet the magnificent future. He was in charge of ordering products, sales, production management, finances and also solved all kinds of technical problems by himself. But he worked diligently and tirelessly. His factory began to make switch products after 1980. With the technology he learned from the experienced workers and the nationalized enterprises, he developed the leading air switch at that time.


In 1974 Ye Xiangyao who is the founder of Changcheng Group raised several hundred dollars of initial funding and bought some simple tools. He and some employees worked at home. In this way, he set up one of the first "underground metal factory" in Liushi and became the youngest director at the time.