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VCP-12 Type Indoor High Voltage Vacuum Circuit Breaker

  • General
    VCP-12 type indoor high voltage vacuum circuit breaker is the indoor switch device for three-phase AC 50Hz, rated voltage 12kA power system, can be used for electrical equipment control and protection in power plant, substation and industrial and mining enterprises, and is suitable for frequent operation place, can be installed in the KYN28-12 type and other armored cabinet, can also be installed on the fixed cabinet or gas insulated cabinet.

    Models and implications of product

    Design feature
    VCP-12kV indoor medium voltage sealed vacuum circuit breaker(12kV, …4000A, …50kA)
    VCP indoor medium voltage sealed vacuum circuit breaker with maintenance free sealed vacuum pole, can equipped with modular spring assembling actuator and permanent magnetic actuator; has the features of reliable performance, long mechanical life, maintenance free, small mechanical movement, has the advantages of simple structure, good process performance, but also can be applied to all kinds of bad working environment.
    VCP circuit breaker pole adapts the solid insulation sealing technology, seal the vacuum interrupter and primary main galvanic circle and other parts into strong insulation, high mechanical strength pole with epoxy resin, avoid the influence of adverse operating environment on the primary circuit external insulation, realizes completely maintenance free.
    VCP circuit breaker adapt ultra low resistance type vacuum interrupter, meet the VCP circuit breaker requirements on the temperature rise at big current operation situation and reduces the power losses.
    VCP circuit breaker adapt optimization and modular spring operating mechanism, simple structure, stable performance, convenient maintenance; modular production process is good, easy standardization production, short delivery cycle.
  • Main technical parameters

  • Outline and mounting dimensions
    VCP hand car type phase distance 210 dimensions (solid sealed pole)

    VCP hand car type phase distance 275 dimensions (solid sealed pole)