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ZN63M-12(VCM1) Type Indoor High Voltage Permanent Magnetic Vacuum Circuit Breaker

  • General
    ZN63M-12 (VCM1) type indoor high voltage permanent magnetic vacuum circuit breaker, belonging to the domestic advanced products. This products adopt independent research and development permanent magnetic actuator YG, with a manual opening and electric closing and opening function. Relieved complex, vulnerable omits energy storage and locking device of the traditional spring mechanism, greatly simplifies the transmission links, especially the manual tripping device, used for load emergency tripping operation when secondary loop fault, so as to realize the high reliability, long life, maintenance free, simple maintenance. The service life under normal conditions up to 30000 times.

    Models and implications of product

    Main features
    >>Advanced control technology and long life
    Due to adopt the high performance permanent magnet materials and the controller of microcomputer control technology design, through the company's proprietary, regulation of permanent magnetic actuator coil driving power, in order to obtain the best opening and closing curve of circuit breaker, and effective relize the opening and closing end soft landing, greatly reduces the mechanical collision, greatly improve the service life of mechanical components. Also exempted from the operation process, dynamic, static conducting pole accumulation mechanical deformation due to mechanical impact and the overtravel, open distance variation, superior performance of circuit breaker.

    >>Simple structure, high reliability
    Adapting a new design of permanent magnetic actuator, large output, light weight, convenient operation, reliable action. The decrease in the number of permanent magnetic actuator parts than the original spring machine more than 90%, no mechanical lock in the open and close positions. In the closing position, the permanent magnet using low magnetic impedance channel provided by dynamic, static iron core will remain the moving iron core in the closing position. In the off position, remain by the break spring. Mechanical drive, vacuum interrupter contacts smooth motion, without anti-closing, anti-opening, or error closing, error opening phenomenon. Manual switch is flexible and convenient.

    >>Perfect function
    1.Power supply has strong adaptability, transform different external AC / DC power by controller through modern power supply technology, make the mechanism operating under the optimal voltage conditions, the operation power is small.
    2.The controller has provided the circuit breaker with ' anti-jump ',' trip free 'and perfect' locking protection ' etc function.
    3.The controller software upgrades can be 'programming on line', which makes the controller is convenient to meet the growing demand of relay protection.

    >>Facilitate communication
    Standard communication interface, convenient networking, remote data exchange. All the information of circuit breaker can be transmitted to the central control room, can also accept all kinds of instruction from the central control room.

    >>Strong anti-interference
    The electromagnetic compatibility capability can meet the requirement of national standard level Four, can avoid the problems caused by electromagnetic interference.

  • Main technical parameters

  • Outline and mounting dimensions