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ZW32-24 Type Outdoor H.V.Vacuum Circuit Breaker

  • General

    ZW32-24 Type Outdoor H.V.Vacuum Circuit Breaker (Hereinafter referred to as the circuit breaker) is outdoor distribution equipment with rated voltage 24KV, three phase AC 50Hz. It is mainly used for breaking and closing the load current, overload current and short circuit current of power system. Applied to substation and industrial and mining enterprises in power system for protection and control use, more suitable for rural power grid and the frequent operation place.
    The installation instructions provided content of circuit breaker references, the using condition, type and rated parameters, structure characteristics, working principle, order information, and operation, installation, use, maintenance principle and method etc..

    Quoted standard
    1.GB 1984-2003 high voltage circuit breaker
    2.GB 3309-1989 Mechanical test of high voltage switchgear at room temperature
    3.GB 5582-1993 The pollution level of insulating high voltage electric power equipment
    4.GB 1985-2004 AC high voltage isolation switch and earthing switch
    5.GB/T 11022-1999 Common technical requirement for high voltage switch equipment and control equipment standard
    6.GB 16927.1-1997 The first part of high voltage test techniques: General test requirements
    7.DL/T 402-2007 Technical conditions for AC high voltage circuit breaker order
    8.DL/T 593-2006AC The common technical specification of high voltage switch equipment and control equipment standards

    The environmental conditions of use
    1.Ambient air temperature: The daily temperature variation: -40℃ ~+40℃ diurnal variation of temperature less than 25℃;
    2.Altitude: no more than 2000 meters;
    3.Wind speed is no more than 35m/s (equivalent to 700Pa on the surface of the cylindrical);
    4.Ice cover thickness no more than 10mm;
    5.The intensity of sunshine not more than 1000W/m ²;
    6.Pollution grade no more than GB 5582 IV class;
    7.Seismic intensity does not exceed 8 class;
    8.No flammable, explosive, chemical corrosion and severe vibration place;
    9.If the conditions of use are in excess of the above provisions, shall be determined by the user and the manufacturing plant.

    Models and implications of product

  • Nominal parameter

  • Outline and mounting dimensions

    1. lower outlet 2. current transformer 3. upper inlet 4. insulating pillar
    5. the vacuum interrupter 6. wire guides 7. flexible connection
    8. insulated tension pole 9. actuator 10. caseOFFON0910