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TSD Hanging-style High AC Voltage Stabilizer

  • General

    This series product is developed on the base of TND series high accuracy full-automatic AC voltage stabilizer; It form s the contro l system with linear integrated circuit, and drive the contact voltage regulator to start regulating by controlling the servo motor,it is provided with delay, over-voltage, under-voltage, over-current and so on protection function to ensure the safety of the power supply; It has the advantage of high efficiency, no waveform distortion, stable outp ut voltage, less electric consumption and can work continuously.
    a. Excellent quality of output voltage, no transient electricity lost phenomenon when the electricity supply is not interrupted,which ensure the domestic computer and the electric appliance with memory function can work safely.
    b. wide input voltage range, strong load adaptability, the 200V and 110V can be regulated output at same time, which is convenient for these families with 110V imported electric appliance.
    c. With the over-current protection when input, and the under-voltage, over-voltage protection when output, it can work normally no matter it is attended or not.

  • Specifications