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SVC-H Outdoor Waterproof and Anti-freeze Voltage Stabilizer

  • General

    SVC-H series single/three-phase high precision full automatic AC voltage stabilizer is a new type outdoor purposed product improved on the basis of SVC, it adopts high quality electronic elements and linear integrated circuit that has reliable performance and high (low) temperature resistant character, it employs control type servo motor driven and contact type autocoupling voltage regulator. When the mains voltage is unstable or the load changes, the automati c sampling contro l circuit will send out s igna l to d rive the ser vo moto r and regulate the position of carbon brush of auto-coupling voltage regulator, and adjust the output voltage to the rated value and lead it into a stable state finally.
    SVC-H voltage regulator has inner and outer two layers of box body, the outer box is made of waterproof and corrosion resistant high quality stainless steel. The products can be installed on cement floor outdoors no matter it is inclement weath er or sever e heat environ ment, according to the seasonal change, there are two operational environment for selecting, that is low temperature (-40 ) and high temperature (+50 ). The products are featured with undistorted waveform, reliable performance,long-term operation, etc, the output has protection functions of over-voltage, under-voltage and time delay. This series of volta ge stab ilize r posse sses el egant ap pearance, it can be widely applied to office equipment, test equipment, lighting systems, communication systems, medical facilities, industrial automation devices, audio devices and any outdoor installed power utili zatio n locat ions, i t really is an ideal stabiliz ed voltage power supply for guaranteeing normal operation of your power consumers.
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