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SBW High Power Compensation Voltage Stabilizer

  • General

    This product is designed and developed with the international advanced compersation tech nology.It can keep the output voltage in steady state automatic ally when the network voltage fluctuates or the load current varies, which can ensure the consumer run smoothly. It has the advantage of large capacity, high efficiency, no waveform distortion, simple operation and maintenance,reliable running, full-capacity output under tower input voltage if compared with other voltage stabilizer. It is provided with overvoltage,over-current, phase sequence and so on protection function.
    It is suitable for electric supply in small-sized plant, workshop and department in middle, large-sized mining enterprise, it can be widely used in the precision machine tool, precision instrument, test device, elevator, imported electromechanical device,production flow-lime in the mining enterprise, oil field, railway, building site, school, hospital, hotel, scientific research department and so on, it is also suitable for the user in the LV electric network end with low power voltage and big wave range.
  • Specifications