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JJW Precision Purified AC Voltage Stabilizer

  • General

    Adopted advanced energy distributing technology, the main circuit is constructed by paralleling the sine energy distributor and the high power filter. When the output voltage Uo is changed because of the undulation of the supply voltage or the load, it control the SCR elements angle through sampling circuit, comparer and trigger unit to change the current which lead to the variety of the compensati ng voltage U and the phase, and reach to the target of stable output voltage. It has excellent regulation and anti-interference function with digital display; the regulation accuracy reaches to 1% and the response time <0.1s, it can restrain the peak interference of electric network effectively,efficiency of this machine>90%.
    a. Wide regulation range: single-phase 185V~255V three-phase 320V~440V;
    b. High regulation accuracy: < 1%;
    c. Strong anti-interference ability: can restrain various noises and peak voltage in the electric network;
    d. Short response time: <0.1s;
    e. High efficiency: >90%;
    f. Test functions of the output and input voltage are clear and visual.
  • Specifications

    Note: The three-phase voltage stabilizer is constructed by connecting three pieces of single-pha se voltage
    stabilizers with starlike connection method, and adopts three-phase four-wire system.