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YCS6-B Surge Protection Device

  • General
    YCS6-B seriesSurge Protection Device issuitableforTT、IT、TN-S、TN-C、TN-C-S, the power supply system with the rated voltage up to 230/400V and AC 50/60Hz. Its designcorrespondstoIEC61643-1、 GB18802.1、 GB50057.Theproductisusually installedinthe incominglinelowvoltage distribution box of the building, and itcan release 100kA lightning stroke current.

    Operation and installation condition
    1.0Altitude: <2000m
    2.Ambient temperature: Normal range:-5~+40℃ Extend range: -40~+80℃
    3.Relative air humidity: in the condition of indoor temperature 30%-90%
    4.No conspicuous shaking or impact vibration
    5.Noexplosionrisk,nocorrodinggasoranyothermedium thatmay destroythe metal and the insulation

    Standard for choosing the type
    1.Module—the protector components can be renewal without cutting the power
    2.Large current—support 100kA(8/20μs) at most
    3.High frequency—motor responding time < 25ns
    4.Conditiondisplay—Thedifferentcoloronthewindowstandsforoperating condition:green (operating), red (stoppage).
  • Specifications

  • Overall and mounting dimensions(mm)