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YBM22-12/0.4 Outdoor Prefabricated Substation

  • General
    1.Rating: Rated voltage: HV equipment 7.2KV and 12KV , L V equipment 0.4 KV . Rated current: HV equipment 630A, L V equipment 100-2000A.
    2.Application: YBM22 series substation is a kind of compact power distribution device that integrates high voltage electrical equipment, transformer and low voltage electrical equipment.Outdoor prefabricated substation can be used in high-rise buildings, building in urban and rural areas, residential communities, high-tech development areas, small and medium size factories, mining areas , oil fields, temporary construction sites, and other premises.Electric power distribution substation also can be used for acceptance and distribution of power in power distribution system of 6-15KV , 50HZ (60HZ), ring main power distribution system and double power supply or radiate terminal power distribution system.
    3.Feature: High integrity, small size, compact structure, safe and reliable operation, convenient maintenance, portable, etc. Compared with conventional civil engineering substation, in the same capacity, the prefabricated combined substation need only 1/10~1/15 floor area. So that the construction expense is reduced.

    Type designation

    Working Conditions
    1.Ambient air temperature: -10℃~+40℃
    2.Altitude: ≤1000m
    3.Solar radiation: ≤1000W/m²
    4.Ice cover: ≤20mm
    5.Wind speed: ≤35m/s
    6.Relative humidity: Daily average relative humidity≤ 95%.Monthly average relative humidity≤90%. Daily average relative water vapour pressure ≤ 2.2kPa. Monthly average relative water vapour pressure ≤1.8kPa.
    7.Earthquake intensity: ≤magnitude 8.
    8.Applicable in the places without corrosive and flammable gas.

    1.The product is connected together by high voltage power distribution equipment, transformer and low voltage power distribution device. And divided into three functional compartments, that is High voltage compartment, Power transformer compartment and Low voltage compartment, have completely HV , LV function. High voltage side of a power supply system, can be arranged in a ring network power supply, end user power supply, dual power supply and other power supply, also can be provided with the high-voltage metering device to meet high voltage measurement. T ransformer room can choose S9, SC and other series of low loss of oil immersed transformer or dry type transformer; low voltage chamber can be panel or cabinet mounted structure based on user requirement to form the power supply scheme required by user . These are power distribution, lighting distribution, Static Var Compensator, energy metering and energy measurement and other function, to meet different requirement of user . This make Power management convenient for users and improve the quality of power supply .
    2.The high voltage chamber with compact and reasonable structure, has a comprehensive anti mis-operation interlock function. It can be equipped with a rail for power transformer when it is required by customer, it can make transformer in and out conveniently in power transformer compartment. Each room has the automatic lighting device, Meanwhile, all elements in high voltage and low voltage cabinet are reliable performance, convenient operation.
    3.Adopt natural ventilation and the forced ventilation in two ways. There is ventilation channel for power transformer compartment and High, Low voltage compartment. The exhaust fan is provided with a temperature control device, it can automatic startup and shutdown according to the setting temperature. This ensure the normal operation of transformer .
    4.The enclosure structure can prevent rain and dirt. The material adopt color steel plate and have anti-corrosion insulation function
  • Main technical Parameter

  • Plane layout and dimensions
    YBM series of prefabricated substation have type 1 (refer pic1-1, 1-2) and type 2 (refer to 1-3, 1-4), the dimensions refer to pic 2, pic 3.

    YBM series of prefabricated substation plane layout

    Type 1 layout

    Type 2 layout

    Foundation drawing

    Main single line diagram

    High voltage loop scheme

    Low voltage loop scheme

    The typical scheme for example
    T erminal low measurement

    T erminal high measurement

    Looped network Low measurement

    Looped network high measurement

    Please provide the following information when ordering
    1.The type of prefabricated substation
    2.The type and capacity of power transformer
    3.High voltage and low voltage single line scheme
    4.Electrical component models and parameters if have special requirement
    5.Shell color
    6.The spare parts, name, quantity and other requirements