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CNC Reaches a Strategic Partnership Agreement During Its Visit to Uzbekistan

Invited by the leader company in Uzbekistan electrical industry, CNC presidentXiangtao Ye and general manager of export and import corporation Huimeng Yepaid a 5 days visit to the Uzbekistan market from June 9th to 13th, 2014.

Thepresident of Uzbekistan cooperation Mr. Nazar is very hospitable. Mr. Nazar and Mr. Ye talked about products R&D and manufacturing technique and the both sides have aninvestment intention. Mr. Nazar said, as a China top 500 enterprise, CNC wasfull of potential. New breakthroughs would be obtained if we can cooperate witheach other. Mr. Ye also expressed his appreciation for the cooperation and saidCNC is willing to built overseas manufacturing base. At the end of the meeting,the two sides reached Strategic Partnership Agreement.

Meanwhile the electrical minister of Uzbekistan receipted our president Mr. Ye on 12th June. Mr. Ye briefly introduced CNC. “It is a chance for CNC to enter into Uzbekistan market. We want to deepen our friendly relationship and build a long-termcooperation.” He said. The minister introduced their local electrical powerprojects situation. He was also very glad to meet Mr. Ye and welcome CNC’sinvestment very much!

“Seek foreign cooperation, implement innovative development!” CNC always take this philosophy as our important development strategy. CNC choose to cooperate with transnational enterprise when facing the challenges from some international groups’ market in China such as ABB, Siemens etc. Cooperating with transnational enterprise is a newstart, which lays a foundation of our overseas’ market.