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IDrive2000 Series MV VFD

  • Benefit your drive application from innovation

    >>More advanced technology

    >>More benefits

    Compact structure design

    Lower installation cost

    >smaller in size>Applicable in more occasions
    First -generation ProductSecond-generation Product

    Product advantages

    Enhance productivity

    >Long-life components
    >Best specification selection
    > Approved control
    > Reduce manufacturing and
    maintenance cost
    >Improve reliability and operation
    High quality
    High reliability

    Enhance overload capacity

    Ensure safe production

    > Solve the problem of motor short -term stall
    caused by conditions load mutations
    > The drive can resist short -timerated
    voltage for 1 minute andrated voltage
    for 3 seconds dramatic changes
    > Enhance productive consistency
    > Reduce driver fault probability

    Efficient, fast speed start

    Improve production efficiency

    >Rotating start, no need to wait for motor to stop >T racking process costs 3-5 seconds, 10 times faster than traditional technology>Reduce maintenance time
    Speed start oscillogramSpeed start timing diagram

    Fast dynamic response ability

    Improve production crafts

    >Especially suitable for situations that are demanding on acceleration and deceleration time>Reduce production crafts time
    Largest current limitcurrent limit timing diagram

    Optimized multi-level technology

    No interference on motor and drive load

    >Perfect sine wave output current without filter
    >No harmonic and no voltage stress on motor and cables
    >Prolong motor life-span
    >Widely used in new-type and old motor reform
    >Increase transmission cable length

    Excellent PWM Modulation T echnology

    Prolong equipment life-span

    >"double octave modulation" technology, 50% less IGB T switch loss
    >Realize low harmonic effect, equivalent to traditional modulation technology
    > Enhance life-span of key components
    >Reduce maintenance cost

    User-friendly interface
    Optimized PC software

    Simple operation

    > Simple operation
    >Flexible operation

    Professional and timely technical support and ser vice

    We apply our industrial automation ability to the service area and ensure your success.

    Service specialist around you at any time.

    > Maximum return from invest
    >Optimize its value during the equipment's life-span

    Relevant service with a wide range of content

    Consulting service:

    > T echnical communication
    >Energy-saving assessment
    >Program customization

    Installation and start:

    > Hand-over of technical information
    >Installation and commissioning

    After -sales ser vice:

    > Maintenance
    >Regular troubleshooting

    Customize project management:

    Customize training:

    24-hours hot line service:

    Efficient, Energy-saving

    Frequency transformation of fans and pumps i s real ized by adjusting motor rotation speed to replace traditional air door and baffles. I ts energy-saving principl e is as below:

    Take the example of fans in cement plant:

    Calculation conditions:


    Baffle control under the rated motor rotation speed (air flow change from 100% to 80%)


    Drive control under the rated motor rotation
    speed (airflow change from 100% to 80%)

    Note: Above calculation is only an example. Actual energy saving is based on on-site process. 06 07

    System components

    The principle of medium-voltage frequency control system

    1.IDrive2000medium-voltagefrequencycontrolsystem topologymapisasbelow(Bypasscabinetcanbeoffered aspercustomer'srequirements)AC-DC-ACfrequency inver ter ;
    2."powerunitseriesconnectionsuperposition".Itadopts matureandreliablelow-voltageinver tingstructureto realize direct medium-voltage output;

  • Main T echnical Specification

    Selection Table

    Type Designation>>

    ●Motor Type: A-Asynchronous Motor ,S-Synchronous Motor
    ●Working Quadrant: 0-the Second Quadrant,1-the Forth Quadrant

    ●Current Level:4-digit,For example 400A means Frequency' s output current is 400A
    ●Version Code:1-digit,it means the update of products

    3kV Series>>

    6kV Series>>

    10kV Series>>

  • Dimensions

    Dimensions of Fig A


    Dimensions of Fig B


    Dimensions of Fig C


    Dimensions of Fig D


    Dimensions of Fig E


    Dimensions of Fig F


    Optional accessories


    General Information

  • Thermal Power Electricity GenerationPetroleum, Petrochemical, Natural GasCoal, MineSteel, Metallurgy
    ● Induced Draft Fan
    ● Primary Air Fan
    ● Secondary Air Fan
    ● Booster Fan
    ● Mill Exhauster
    ● Blower
    ● Condensate Pump
    ● Circulating Water Pump
    ● Boiler Feed Pump
    ● Mortar Pump
    ● Pumped Storage
    ● Compressor
    ● Booster Fan
    ● Compressor
    ● Pipeline Pump
    ● Circulating Water Pump
    ● Oil-submerged Pump
    ● Brine Pump
    ● T ransfer Pump
    ● Electric Submersible Pump
    ● Water Injection Pump
    ● Feed Water Pump
    ● Descaling Pump
    ● Slush Pump
    ● Slurry Pump
    ● Clean Water Pump
    ● Charge Pump
    ● Agitator Pump
    ● Draining Pump
    ● Kiln Drive
    ● Dust Extraction Fan
    ● Contra-rotating Fan
    ● Axial Flow Fan
    ●Blast Furnace Blower
    ●Induced Draft Fan
    ●Kneading Machine
    ●Dust Extraction Fan
    ●SO2 Fan
    ●Feed Water Pump
    ●Secondary Dust Extraction Fan
    ●Water Pump
    ●Dephosphorization Pump
    ●Descaling pump
    ●Oxygen Compressor
    ●Flushing Cinder Machine
    ●Gas Compression Pump
    ●Electric Furnace
    ●Blast Furnace

    Cement, ConstructionMunicipal Engineering (Water Supply, Power Supply, Sewage Treatment ect.)Light Industrial, Chemical engineering
    ● Kiln Induced Draft Fan
    ● Kiln Air Supply Fan
    ● Kiln Outlet Draft Fan
    ● Kiln Front Draft Fan
    ● High T emperature Fan
    ● Coal Mill
    ● Dust Extraction Fan
    ● Grate Cooler
    ● Circulating Fan
    ● Raw Mill Fan
    ● Cement Grinding Mill Fan
    ● Classifier Fan
    ● Forced Fan
    ● Aeration Fan
    ● Induced Draft Fan
    ● Blower
    ● Booster Pump
    ● Hot Water Circulating Pump
    ● Sewage Pump
    ● Clean Water Pump
    ● Lift Pump
    ● Water Supply Pump
    ● Gas Blower
    ● Booster Pump
    ● Compressor
    ● axial Flow Pump
    ● Softened Water Pump
    ● Feed Water Pump