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YCM6 Moulded Case Circuit Breaker

  • General

    YCM6 series moulded case Circuit Breaker(herein after called circuit breaker)is applied for the power distribution network of AC 50Hz,rated current from 12.5 to 800A, rated insulation voltage 800V(Inm=125A to 500V),rated working voltage up to 690V(Inm=125A to 400V)and below, it can be used to distribute electric power and protect power equipment against overload, short circuit and undervoltage. The circuit breaker can change the circuit and start motor infrequently. the circuit breaker with frame size below 400A takes protective effect when motors unfrequently start and protecting against overload, short circuit and lacking voltage. The YCM6 complies with standard of IEC60947-2,GB14048.2.
    Type designation


    blank for power distribution 2 for motor protection Tripping mode and accessories code(Table 3) Number of poles Operation mode: blank: direct operation with handle Z: operation with rotary handle D: motor-driven operation Code of breaking capacity: S-standard type H-current limiting type Frame size Design sequence number MCCB Company code
  • Specifications
    Breaker's overload long delay & short-circuit instaneous protection feature refer to diagram below

    Release method and accessories code

    1.Complex release is hot inverse time release cascade electromagnetic instantaneous release.
    2.268/368(Secondary auxiliary contact, Alarm contact) is only used for Inm=630A circuit breaker.

  • Product overview

    Overall and mounting dimensions(mm)
    Front connection