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YCQR2-000-Z Intelligent Motor Soft Starter

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    YCQR2 soft starter integrateof the latest theories of motor control, motor protection technology, powerelectronics technology and modern computer technology, advanced computerprocessors as the core, high-power thytistor control components, to achievecurrent startup, voltage slope start and soft-stop functions. The parameterscan be set in accordance with the load and has over-current, overload,missing phase and other multi protection. The output voltage of soft starterraise according set regulation, drive the controlled motor finish the startprocess according to optimized accelerate curve, off the thyristor andworked by the bypass AC contactor. It successfully solve the problem of poorelectricity quality, increasing of power loss, machinery equipment impulsebecause of big starting current when the AC motor starts.

    The YCQR2 soft starter cover5.5~500kW squirrel-cage three phase asynchronous motor. Widely used inmetallurgical, chemical,construction,cement,mining,environmental protection,andall industrial sectors of electrical transmission equipment, is the idealreplacement product of traditional triangular starter, reactor starter, autodecompression starter.

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