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YCP5 Manual Motor Starter

  • General

    YCP5 series AC Motor Starter is suitable for circuits the alternating voltage up to 690V, current up to 80A. The product works to control the overload, phase loss, short circuit protection and infrequent starts of a three-phase squirrel cage asynchronous motor. The Motor Starter can protect the distributing line for infrequent load transfer, and it can also works as an isolator.

    Operation and installation condition

    1.Installation altitude≤2000m
    2.Ambient air temperature -5℃~+40℃, average temperature of 24 hours must below +35℃
    3.Relative humidity below 90% when the temperature is +25℃±5℃
    4.Ambient pollution level: 3
    5.Installation category of the starter: III
    6.The installation degree of the tilt and vertical plane should not exceed ±5℃
    7.Rated working system: continuous duty; intermittent duty

  • Main Technical parameters
    1.Rated isolation voltage Ui(V): 690
    2.Rated working voltage Ue(V): 230/240、400/415、440、500、690
    3.Rated frequency(Hz): 50
    4.Frame size rated current: Inm(A): 25, 80.
    5.Rated current of tripping In(A): (Table 1).
    6.Rated current adjust range: (Table 1).
    7.Rated ultimate short circuit breaking capacity: Icu(kA): (Table 1).
    8.Rated operating short circuit breaking capacity: Ics(kA): (Table 1).
    9.Rated impulse withstand voltage: Uimp(V): 6000.


    The rated power of three phase motor controlled by the starter(Table 2)

    Acting characteristic of each phase in distribution circuit breaker in the load balanced condition (Table 3)

    Acting characteristic of each phase in motor protector circuit breaker in the load balanced condition (Table 4)

    1.The breaker can be attached with the UVT、shunt release (these two can not be both installed) and auxiliary contact
    2.Acting characteristic of the UVT
    When the voltage reduced to 35%~70% of the rated voltage, the UVT should work; When the supply voltage reduce below 35% of the rated , the UVT should prevent the breaker from closing; When the supply voltage rise over 85% of the rated, the UVT should ensure the breaker to close.
    3.Acting characteristic of shunt release
    Shunt release's action voltage range is 70%~110% of rated working voltage,can trip circuit breaker reliably.
  • Outline and installation dimensions