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JJ1 Auto Voltage Reducing Starting Control Cabinet

  • General

    JJ1 series auto-voltage reducing starting control cabinet is suitable forthree-phase squirrel-cage induction motor of AC 50Hz, rated voltageup to 660V and below, and the capacity 315kW and below, used for infrequentauto step-down starting to reduce the impact from the motor starting current onthe power transmission network, and to help the motor accelerate to the ratedspeed and stop the motor by hand. It can protect the motor against the over load, phase failure,short circuit, etc.. The auto transformer is mounted with starting overloadprotection device.


    JJ1 series auto voltagereducing starting cabinet is designed into the cubicle type protectionstructure, made up of auto transformer, circuit breaker, AC contactor, thermal relay,current-time converter, current-voltage meter. There are three workingways that is the manual control, automatic control and remote control,hereinto, the manual control and automatic control are performed bytransfer switch, and the remote control is performed by the remote-controlinput connection terminal.
    The auto transformer has two sets oftaps of rated voltage up to 80% and 65%. And when the product leaves factory, itis connected to the tap of rated voltage up to 65%. The product is alsoconnected to the tap of rated voltage up to 80% according to customers'requirements. In addition, user can indicate the tap connection position whileplacing an order.

    Working conditions

    JJ1 series auto-voltage reducing starting control cabinet is installed indoors, shall run normally under following conditions:

    (1)Altitude should not exceed2000m;

    (2)Ambient air temperature should be-5°C~+40°C,and within 24h, the average temperature should not exceed+35°C;

    (3)Air relative humidity should not be higher than 50% at max temperature of +40°C,the higher relative humidity is allowable at the lower temperature, the mean min temperature should not exceed +20°Cin the most wt month, and in this month, the mean max relative humidity should not exceed 90%. In addition, some precautions must be talked against possible condensation resulted from the change of temperature.

    (4)Vibration whose amplitude should not exceed0.5mmand the frequency should not exceed 600 times/m in

    (5)Inclination between the installation plane and horizontal plane should not exceed 5 °

    (6)Air pollution grade:3

    Type designation

  • Specifications