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YCCH6 Modular AC Contactor

  • General

    YCCH6 series modular AC contactor is suitable for using in the circuits the rated voltage up to 400V AC 50Hz or 60Hz and rated current up to 63A to control household electrical appliances or similar components. And it also can be used to control household motor by decreasing the power . Application: House, hotel, apartment etc. to achieve automatic feature. It's applied in mass produced household electrical appliances. Standard: GB17885, IEC61095

    Type designation

    Operation and installation condition

    1.Ambient air temperature: -5℃~+40℃, average temperature of 24 hours must below +35℃
    2.Altitude: ≤2000m
    3.Relative humidity: The maximum temperature of 40 degrees, the air relative humidity not exceed 50%,at a lower temperature can allow for a higher relative humidity, for instance, if the temperature is 20℃,the air relative humidity could up to 90%,if humidity changes as a result of occasional gel generated, should eliminate it.
    4.Pollution level: 2
    5.Installation category: II
    6.Mounting: Use TH35-7.5 steel guide rail.
    7.Protection level:IP20
  • Specifications

    1.Polos: 2 polos and 4 polos
    2.Contacts' rated insulation voltage, rated conventional thermal current, utilization category, rated operational current, controlled power .

    3.Operating conditions: with ambient air temperature:-5℃~+40℃,Control rated supply voltage to make contactors' coil thermal and keep stable,contactor should close reliably with any voltage between 85%~110% Us
    4.Mechanical life: Contactors' mechanical life should be over a million times
    5.Electrical life: Contactors' electrical life should be over 100 thousand times

    Contactor belongs to modular controlled equipment with new structure,small volume.It can be installed on the din rail with modular
    size,artistic design and strong reliability,adopting direct-acting inverted structure,can be used in the control cabinet,lighting box by
    combining with mini circuit breaker .
    Enhance safety by using high quality insulating material.
    Attractive appearance,low noise,suitable in hotel,hospital ect.

    General information

    1.Please provide us following information when you order: Contactor's name, type, coil voltage, quantity. 2.For example: What you need is:YCCH6-25/20 modular AC contactor; Coil voltage:220/230V 50Hz; Quantity:100 pieces. Can order as:YCCH6-25/20 220/230V 50Hz 100pcs
  • Overall and mounting dimensions(mm)
    Outline and installation dimensions(T able 2)