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FZW32-12(40.5) Type Outdoor High Voltage Isolating Vacuum Load Switch

  • Main application
    FZW32-12 (40.5) type outdoor high voltage isolating vacuum load switch is a new type of load switch which is the integration of mature experience of domestic existing load switch and advanced technology design of external. This load switch is composed of isolating switch, vacuum interrupter and operating mechanism and other parts. By using the principle of vacuum interrupter, with strong arcing ability, reliable performance, long service life, small volume, no explosion danger, no pollution etc advantage. The product can be used in transmission and distribution system of electric power, metallurgy, mine, chemical industry and other departments as control equipment, especially suitable for frequent operation place.

    The use of environmental conditions
    1.Ambient temperature: upper limit +40℃, lower limit -30℃;
    2.Days difference does not exceed 32K;
    3.Altitude: 1000m and the following areas
    4.Wind pressure: no more than 700Pa (corresponding to the wind speed 34m/s);
    5.Air pollution level: IV class;
    6.Earthquake intensity: do not exceed 8 degree;
    7.Ice thickness: no more than 10mm.

    Models and implications of product

  • Main technical parameters

  • Outline and mounting dimensions

    General information

    FZW32-12 (40.5) type outdoor high voltage isolating vacuum load switch adopts the vacuum arc extinguish chamber, no explosion danger, no maintenance. The load switch isolation knife linkage with a three-phase vacuum interrupter, breaking and closing operation in good same period, and with reliable isolation fracture when breaking, namely has the function of isolation switch. Most of the switch body parts are made of stainless steel materials, the base frame is made by stainless steel materials or hot dip galvanizing and UV protection coating processing material, can effectively prevent corrosion and rusting, ensure the normal operation in the outdoor environment. Switch knife with a pressure spring, ensure that contact with sufficient contact pressure, such not only convenient operation, and can guarantee the reliability of switching.

    The isolating fracture and arc fracture of the load switch are in parallel during the opening and closing process, the arc fracture as arc, does not bear the load current task, while the isolation fracture only undertake the load current and short circuit closing task, not to participate in the arc, which not only simplifies the arc structure, and the whole structure of switch simple, stable performance; installation and operation convenient and reliable, long service life. It is a kind of economic, ideal outdoor switchgear.

    The handle hook rod actuator; the operating handle is mounted on the load switch spindle end, and fastened by nuts, both ends of the handle are marked with "opening", "closing" instructions, the operator may according to need to use hook rod to hook the end of” opening” or “closing”, to make the spindle rotate, spring past middle mechanism drive the isolation knife assembly and vacuum interrupter actuator motion, namely relize the switch breaking and closing. (this applies to 12kV)

    Under rod mechanism operating; the load switch is installed at the upper part of the wire rod, operating mechanism is arranged in the lower part, ensure that the handle keep away from the ground not more than 1100mm, if the operation of connecting rod is more than three meters should add support guide in the middle of rod. (operating mechanism and guide support as the product accessories supply to the user) (this applies to 12kV)

    Electric operation (this applies to 12kV/40.5kV)