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FZN25-12D/T630-20 Type Indoor AC High-Voltage Vacuum Load Switch

  • General
    FZN25-12D/T630-20 Type Indoor AC High-Voltage Vacuum Load Switch and composite apparatus, suitable for three-phase AC 50Hz ring network or terminal power supply and industrial electrical equipment, for load control and short circuit protection use, load switch open and close the closed loop current, no-load transformer and cable charging current, composite apparatus can break any current till rated short circuit current.Adopt the straight move or isolating fracture and vacuum interrupter linkage. With function of manual and electric operation.
    FZN25-12D/T630-20special transmission structure design, arc extinguish chamber only withstand voltage in the moment of closing and breaking, small size, low price.
    FZN25-12D/T630-20can realize isolation fracture and arc extinguish chamber fracture disposable operating.
    FZN25-12D/T630-20has a grounding switch mutual linkage grounding valve between the static contact and movable conductive cylinder, ensures safety and convenient maintenance.

    The use of environmental conditions
    1.Ambient air temperature: upper limit +40℃, lower limit -25℃ (allow storage at -30℃), 24h average value is not higher than +35℃;
    2.Altitude: no more than 1000m;
    3.Relative humidity: daily average value is not greater than 95%, monthly average is not greater than 90%;
    4.Earthquake intensity: do not exceed 8 degree;
    5.The surrounding air is not corrosive and flammable gas, steam and other significant pollution;
    6.No regular violent vibration;
    7.Contamination grade: II class.

    Models and implications of product

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