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FZW28-12F Outdoor Vacuum Load Switch

  • Main application
    >>Automatic removal of single-phase grounding faultThe
    When the single-phase grounding fault happens in user branch line, the boundary switch open automatically, the other branch user of substation and feeder line do not feel the failure.

    >>Automatic isolation interphase short circuit fault
    The user side happens phase short-circuit fault, boundary switch off immediately after trip protection in substation. Substation coincidence, the fault line is automatically isolated, the other branch user on the feeder to restore power supply quickly (the equivalent of a transient fault).

    >>Fast locate the fault position
    Boundary switch protection action caused by user fault branch, only responsibility users power fault and the initiative to submit fault information, the power company can quickly send officials to troubleshooting; if the boundary switch equipped with such as a communication module, information will be submitted to the power management center autimatically.

    >>To monitor the user load
    Boundary switch can be configured with wired or wireless communications accessories, monitoring data will be transmitted to the power management center, realize remote real-time data monitoring of user load.

    The use of environmental conditions
    1.Altitude: ≤ 2000 meters;
    2.Environment temperature: -40℃ ~+85℃;
    3.Relative humidity: ≤ 90% (25℃);
    4.The maximum daily temperature difference: 25℃;
    5.Protection grade: IP67;
    6.The maximum ice thickness: 10mm.

    Models and implications of product

  • Main technical parameters

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