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  • 1. Function
    This series mine explosion-proof type reversible vacuum electromagnetic starter is
    applicable in AC 50Hz distribution system of three-phase indirect neutral-point earthing
    with rated voltage of 1140V , 660V or 380V in underground coal mines with explosive and
    dangerous gas(methane) and coal dust. It is used to control remote forward and reversal
    rotation of three-phase squirrel-cage asynchronous motor with rated current of 60A, 30A.
    Meanwhile, it also offers protection to motor and relative circuit.

    2. Model

    3. Characteristics
    3.1 It adopts dialing and lever combined setting, which can modify and set rated current.
    3.2 Various protective functions like overload, short circuit, under voltage, over voltage, loss
    of phase, leakage lockout, phase imbalance etc.
    3.3 Remote control of forward and reverse rotation(reversible)

    4. T echnical Parameter

    4.1 Rated voltage (V): 660, 380
    4.2 Rated current (A): 60, 30
    4.3 Rated frequency (Hz): 50
    4.4 Power of controlled motor:
    50kW(60A, 660V)
    28kW(60A, 380V)
    25kW(30A, 660V)
    14kW(30A, 660V)
    4.5 Start voltage: 75%Ue-110%Ue
    4.6 Leakage lockout value (kΩ): 40+20%(1140V); 22+20%(660V); 7+20%(380V)

  • 5. Overall Dimension