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  • 1. Function
    This series high-voltage load switch for mine explosion-proof type mobile substation is
    applicable in AC50Hz circuit with rated voltage of 10kV or 6kV and rated current of 220A in
    underground coal mines with explosive and dangerous gas(methane) and coal dust. It is a
    supportive product on high voltage side of mobile substation and is used for load or noload current breaking and making.

    2. Model

    3. Characteristics
    3.1 It adopts new generation of high-voltage load switch with safe and reliable breaking,
    long electrical life, frequent operation available, big breaking current.
    3.2 New mode of arc-extinguishing ensures that the contact power is not easy to be
    destroyed, new interlock mode doesn't have mis-operation problem.
    3.3 Strong performance of rated switching on and off , good dynamic and thermal stability,
    high level insulation
    3.4 Easy operation, reliable action.

    4. T echnical Parameter
    4.1 Rated voltage(kV): 10,6
    4.2 Rated current(A): 200
    4.3 Current of thermal stability(kA): 12.5
    4.4 Current of dynamic stability(kA): 31.5
    4.5 Mechanical life(time): 10000

  • 5. Overall Dimension