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CBFK8060 Type series

  • Application
    1.Can be used in Zone 1 and Zone 2 dangerous places.
    2.Can be used in IIA、IIB、IIC group explosive atmosphere.

    Application of first part, second part, third part, forth part to be seen page151.
    The code of indicator and button to be seen page 157. switch code it to be seen
    Page 159-162.
    Note: The shell can be made of stainless steel by welding, the control box matching
    type is pendant, plesase noted if the customer has the other requests

    1.CBFK8060 explosion-proof control box is used to centrally control several remote
    motor in electrical system of 50Hz, AC 220/380.
    2.Control box is formed up of safety-increased shell, explosion-flameproof(
    indicator, Ammeter, button, switch)and terminal.
    3.The shell is made of glass fiber and umsaturated polyester resin with beautiful
    appearance, andthefunctions of corrosion-proofing electrostatic-resistant, good
    thermal stability, etc.
    4.Inner elements are clipped in the nomal orbit directly, the heave of elements and
    grooveof orbit are pledged its right installation. The least heart-distance between
    elements is 42mm.
    5.Suitable for steel pipe or cable wiring.
    6.The product is changeable. Able to make it by client's requirement.
    7.The components are optional, please offer the diagram and demand to us