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  • Application
    1.Can be used in Zone1and2dangerous places.
    2.Can be used IIA、IIB、IIC group explosive atmosphere.
    3.Equipped with luminous source: One foot light tube or common light in a feet
    tube:40(36)W× 2、40(36)W×1、20(18)W×2、20(18)W ×1.

    Model Implication

    1.The shell is formed by steel plates of high grade, the transparent enclosure is
    pressed to formation by poly-carbonate.
    2.Use sealed structme,with the functions of strong water-proof and dust-proof.
    3.The inside packs a footlight tube, the fleetness starts in a moment,can according
    to customer request refit the one foot light tube.
    4.The emergency device may be installed as requited, which consists of controller
    and cadium battery,the controller has functions of charging and discharging overvoltage.
    5.Suitable for GB3836-2O0O, IEC60079 standard request.