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  • Application
    1.Can be used in Zone1、Zone2、Zone20、Zone21、and Zone22 hazardous areas.
    2.Can be used in IIA、IIB 、IIC group explosive atmosphere.
    3.Can be used in flammable dust areas.

    Model Implication


    1.The glass fiber strengthen unsaturated polyester mould pressing shape outercovering.
    Have the strength high, bear the impact and bear the good function in etc. in corrosion.
    2.Polycarbonate transparent chimney.
    3.The outer shell is for increasing the peaceful type construction, having thewatertightness, dust palliative…etc. advantage.
    4.The inside places the switch adoption flameproof a piece, be the product opencan cut off the power supply automatically.
    5.Single footlights tube installed inside, starting with fast instantaneous. Canrefit the one foot light tube according to the customer request.
    6.The emergency device can be provided according to user's request.
    7.Wiring by cable or steel pipe.