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DDSF726 Single-phase Electronic Multi-rate Energy Meter

  • General
    The DDSF726 type electronic single-phase multi-rate watt-hour meter is composed by the
    electronic single-phase watt-hour meter part and multi-rate part, LCD display,infrared or
    RS485 communication. It has high measuring accuracy, well stability, well over-load ability
    and high reliability. It can measure the time-sharing single phase.

    Function and features
    1. Each of four periods has different rates (point period, peak period, smooth period and
    trough period). Every period of time can be programmed into 12 periods of time and
    the minimum time interval is one minutes;
    2. All the consumption date can be reserved for 12 months;
    3. It can auto identify the directional, will be auto save and accumulate to the forward
    direction power counter . It can automatically save the reverse direction power, starting
    time and the total time;
    4. It has the function of reverse directional pulse test and indication;
    5. It has the isolated Rs485 communication, and design for prevent from the lightning
    6. Data-copying adopts the password and program switch protection, recording the latest
    program time and degree;
    7. It adopts the hardware clock circuit, the lowest current consumption, the battery is
    onetime and environmental protection lithium battery;
    8. It can setup the meter number, bureau number, time-period, rate, date, time, meter
    reading time, password and the initial electric power;
    9. It can indicate the short voltage of the meter , the clock state, the directional electric
    meter , the communication state, time adjusting and the present time-period, and read
    via RS485 or handheld computer .
    10. Reading the data automatically at power off .

  • Specifications
    Rated current
    Rated voltage
    Rated Frequency
    5(20), 5(30), 10(40)
    10(60), 15(60), 20(80)
    220/24050 or 60Class 1 or
    class 2
    Clock errorBattery
    ≤0.5sec/per day(reference temperature);
    ≤1.0s/ per day(the backup lithium
    battery working time)
    Imported lithium battery:
    Voltage: 3.0V or 3.6V .
  • Overall and mounting dimensions(mm)