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MX9 Shunt Release

  • Products Overview

    MX9 shunt release( hereinafter called release) is primarily equipped with YCB9-63 (H)
    series circuit breaker. It's used in the circuit of AC 50/60HZ, rated voltage up to 400V
    as distance shunt release.

    Normal Working Condition

    1.Ambient Temperature: -25℃~+60℃
    2.Atmospheric conditions: Relative air humidity of installation location shall be less
    than 50% when the highest temperature is +40℃; Lower temperature allows a
    higher relative humidity. For example, 90% at +20℃, the monthly average
    maximum relative humidity shall be less than 90%, considering the gel on the
    surface which comes from temperature changes.
    3.Altitude: Not higher than 2000m
    4.Pollution Degree: 2
    5.Installation Category: II, III
    6.Installation: Embedded vertical standard rail mounting

    Product Features

    When the tripper is not closed, normally closed auxiliary contact is open, normally
    open contact is connected, external warning light lit. When the button is turned on,
    trip electromagnetic system is pulled. So the trip mechanism acts, thus drive
    equipped circuit breaker tripping breaking to shunt trip purpose. Meanwhile, the
    indicator will operate to display trip marks. Then normally open contact breaking,
    Normally closed contact connected, the external signal indicates shifting.