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SD9 Auxiliary Contact

  • Product Overview
    SD9 alarm auxiliary contact is mainly used for the circuit of AC 50/60HZ, rated
    thermal current up to 6A, rated voltage up to 415V, or the circuit of DC rated voltage
    up to 130V. It's assembled with YCB9-63(H) MCB or YCB9LE-63(H) residual current
    operating circuit breaker for instruction of remote circuit breaker.
    The products meet the GB14048.5 and IEC60947-5-1 standard, and have CCC, CE

    Product Features
    SD9 alarm auxiliary contact is an accessory product, it can only operate when is
    assembled with circuit breaker. 91 and 92 terminal Block of the alarm auxiliary contacts turns on when the circuit breaker is closed; When circuit breakers trip because of fault, the 91 Terminal Block and 92 Terminal Block are turned off, and 91 Terminal Block are turned on to 94 Terminal Block, while the external signal indicating conversion (When artificially open the MCB, the 91 Terminal Block and 92 Terminal Block are still turned on).