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YCM3LE Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker

  • General

    YCM3LE leakage module, electrical apparatus release, zero-sequence current transformer perfectly together. It's easy to install.
    The intelligent RC module and universal controller make adjusting residual current and regulating delay time possible.

    1.Electrical Ratings: Voltage to 400V; Current to 630A; 50/60Hz;
    2.Mounting Mode: Vertical or Horizontal
    3.Action Current30mA
    4.Function: Protection for Overload, Short Circuit, Undervoltage and also for the transform infrequently.

    Type designation

    Apply Situation
    2.Ambient Temperature: -5~+40
    3.Withstand Situations: Moist Air, Salt Fog, Oil Mist and Mycete.
    4.Insupportable Situations: Explosive Medium, Corrode Metal Medium, Rain and Snow.
    5.Pollution Grade: 3

    Earthing protection
    The earthing protection is carried out by ?Vigi? Module
    2.Protection Degree: Panel isolation II
    3.Isolation Standard follows IEC974-2
    4.Electrical Feature
    5.Release Feature
    6.Install and Connection
    7.Indicating, measuring, controlling and other assistant equipment
    8.Accessories of install and connection

  • Earthing Protection Module

    Earthing Protection Feature

  • Outline & Mounting Dimension
    Fixed-type YCM3LE-100-630

    Plug-in & Draw-out YCM3LE-100-630